Moomin Pitcher: Adventure (2008-2013)

Moomin Pitcher: Adventure (2008-2013)

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You can choose just the right Moomin product for you with or without a label in different condition categories. The product photos are taken by Finmug of example products which correspond very well to the product that you will receive. Only a few products in poor condition gategorie are photographed separately.

If you choose condition gategorie ”Good/Perfekt” you will receive product in ”good” or ”perfekt” condition.



The Moomin product is unused. There are no marks of usage or production faults on the produkt. The label, if there is one, is flawless.



The Moomin produkt has been used but it is in good condition. Marks of usage can be seen in the glazing and generally there are no white or black spots in the produkt.

If there is a label on the product, there can possibly be foldings or detrition in the label.
Note: Muminprodukt in condition gategories “good” and “etikett” is always unused. There can be tiny spots on the produkt but generally label is perfekt.



The Moomin product has obviously been used and there can be many marks of usage in the product. If there is a label on the produkt, is it possible that the label in very poor condition.

Note: Moomin product in condition gategories “poor” and “etikett” is always unused.



There is a crown stamp in Arabias Moomin products which are made before 2014. In addition there is possibility to choose yearstamp to Moomin products made between 1996-2001.

There is “by arabia” -stamp in Arabias Moomin products which are made after 2014. In addition there is generally yearstamp in special and season products which are made after 2014.

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There can be following labels available for Moomin products:

Season Label

Made in Finland

Made in Thailand

Other (Iittala Group / / the name of the Moomin product in question)

Product variations
Yes Poor
Label: Yes
Condition: Poor
49.90 €
No Good/Perfekt
Label: No
Condition: Good/Perfekt
44.90 €

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