Finmug Oy is a Finnish family business. Collecting Moomin Mugs started out as a hobby with no business intentions whatsoever. We just planned on buying different Moomin Mugs for our personal use. However, since we were students, buying the mugs was quite an expense, so we decided to sell off some of the more valuable mugs. Soon we noticed that we had already regained the amount we had originally invested on the Moomin Mugs, but we still had quite many in our cupboard.

At that time, we started to buy and sell Moomin Mugs in Finland. Later on, we happened to hear that there might be a market for Moomin Mugs abroad, too. And so, we decided to try out selling Moomin Mugs outside Finland as well. Our activities soon began to resemble real business and we decided to start our own limited liability company called Finmug Oy. The name is in English, because we mainly sell goods abroad. The prefix ‘Fin’ refers to Finnishness, but in the Swedish language it means "fine, beautiful". In other words, we sell fine mugs! Visit our Instagram profile at @finmug with Moomin related images and sweepstakes as well as some good feeling!



Our goal is to sell Moomin products around the world with an excellent selection on offer. We want to offer Moomin products to collectors at a reasonable price, ranging from secondhand goods to prime condition products with different features. Along with the thousands of products sold, we now have satisfied customers for example in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany.


For sale

Within the world of the Moomins, the main products are often the Moomin Mugs. In addition to the mugs, we also want to offer other types of Moomin products, such as Moomin bowls, plates, pitchers, figures and cutlery.


We buy

We buy mainly large quantities at a time. We personally come to collect the products in the Oulu region, but on a case-by-case basis, in other parts of Finland as well. So, if you are planning to sell your collection, feel free to contact us (info@finmug.fi) for a quotation!



Almost all our products will be sent to the customer by mail. The products are fragile, so they will be very carefully wrapped and packaged. Recycling is important for us, so we used recyclable materials such as shoe boxes and newspaper whenever possible. 



Customer satisfaction is important to us. We want the customer to receive exactly the type of product they have ordered. That is why we offer a wide variety of condition categories from which the customer can choose the product that suits their needs. Our secondhand products may not be in perfect condition, but their prices are significantly lower than our prime condition collection products with the label in place.

We will check the condition of each product prior to shipment in order to give the customer what they have ordered. So far, the feedback we have received concerning the product quality and customer service has been almost exclusively positive. Have a look at the customer feedback at Https://www.tradera.com/profile/feedback/4547003/finmug?role=all&rating=all&page=1

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