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New Moomin Mug: Blue, 0.4L (2021)

Price from 32.90

New Moomin Mug: Snow Moonlight (2021)

Price from 21.90

New Moomin Mug: Moomin's Day (2021)

Price from 79.90

New Moomin Mug: Together (2021)

Price from 19.90

New Moomin Bowl: Snow Moonlight (2021)

Price from 19.90

New Moomin Collector's plates: 7/10 Drawing and Christmas (Label: Yes, Condition: Good/New, Bottom: 1-sided (by arabia))

In stock: 14

New Moomin Mini Mugs: 3. Classic, 6st

In stock: 9

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We are a finnish family company. We do our best to provide a good and wide selection for moomin mug collectors.

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Moomin Mug: Millennium (1999-2000) (Condition: Good, Bottom: Year, Label: Yes)

1,699.90 €

Moomin Mug: Office (1996-2002) (Condition: Good, Bottom: Crown, Label: Yes)

1,499.90 €
In stock: 1

Take-away Moomin mug: Moomins Hide and Seek, 450ml

17.90 €
In stock: 12

Glosholm First Snow (2016)

Price from 34.90


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